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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Reckoning and Ruin

I received Tina Whittle’s upcoming release, Reckoning and Ruin, directly from the publisher for review purposes.

Tai Randolph left her past behind when she moved to Atlanta. Or so she thought. What’s that legendary quote from Faulkner about the past never being dead? Well, it definitely holds its weight in Whittle’s fifth book in the Tai Randolph/Trey Seaver series, Reckoning and Ruin out in April 2016.

While awaiting trial, Jasper, Tai’s unscrupulous cousin with splintered ties to the KKK, has decided to sue Tai and Trey for millions. (Not all cousins kiss here in the South.) Busy running the gun shop and trying her best to quell her inner detective as well as Trey’s sexy French ex, Tai feels something’s not quite right in her relationship with her former SWAT beau. When witnesses testifying against Jasper begin to disappear, Tai is forced to confront the ghosts she left behind in Savannah and risk losing Trey for good.

As Tai begins to untangle her knotted roots, she discovers the truth about her past, a shocking revelation that will make both passionate followers and those new to the series line up for book six. You’ve got some explaining to do, Tina Whittle, and I’m not sure I can wait. Perhaps we can talk over a refreshing glass (or two to four pitchers) of Chatham Artillery Punch.

Not surprising, Whittle, a former English teacher knows how to cross her T’s: Tai, Trey, a Trist, Tension, Truth and a Twist. Expertly combined, in a setting overtly comfortable with the dead, these ingredients are the perfect concoction for a Southern Gothic mystery that will keep readers engaged and guessing throughout the squares of the Hostess City.

You can pre-order Reckoning and Ruin and also learn more about the author by visiting www.tinawhittle.com.